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Gary D. McCall, DC & Peter J. Turano, DC



Turano-McCall Chiropractic Question Of The Day Program

The Turano-McCall Question of the Day program is an online Facebook game on the Turano-McCall Facebook page in which patients and FB friends answer questions for incentive points or TMC quarters.  The goal is to accumulate TMC quarters until they add up to TMC bucks.  These TMC bucks can then be used as partial payment toward treatment during a future office visit.  TMC bucks are in essence, a "dollar off" coupon with the maximum allowable amount off being $5.00 for existing patients in any given month or $50.00 off for a new patient.

How Does TMCQOTD Program Work?

Every day, Monday through Friday, we post a TMCQOTD (question of the day) between midnight and 8:00 am on our TMC Facebook page.  People who follow us on FB then answer the question on the page.  We then post either the answer or a link to the answer sometime after 6:00 pm.  If you have the right answer, you earn a TMC quarter.  Once you accumulate 4 quarters, you have $1 TMC buck.  Continue to accumulate quarters until you have $5 TMC bucks and then you can use these as a $5 off coupon during your next visit.  Click here to read the rules.  Click here to read FAQs (frequently asked questions).  You should read both prior to participating in this program.


TMCQOTD Directions

  1. Log in to Facebook and make sure you've "liked" the Turano-McCall page
  2. Look for the TMCQOTD on your wall or go to the Turano-McCall page and find it
  3. Leave your answer in the comment section of the TMCQOTD (make sure your answer is in the correct format ie. T or F, or the letter of one (1) answer if multiple choice etc.)
  4. Click here to go to the TMCQOTD logsheet page and click the black "Print" button to print the page.
  5. Check back later to see if you got the correct answer
  6. If correct, record the date on your logsheet
  7. When you've answered correctly 20 times, bring in your sheet to receive $5* off your visit. 


* Amount may be less than $5 if you are paying a reduced fee through special arrangement.  See rules.



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